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Amigos del Mar Dive Certification Course - Introduction to Scuba Diving

Resort Course (Discover Scuba)

Starting at USD$180



Want to try scuba but you're not certified, no problem. Discover Scuba Diving or often referred to as the resort course is the solution. The short course introduces the non-diver to scuba diving and learn basic scuba concepts while exploring the underwater world under the direct supervision of a professional instructor. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you need to be in good physical health~Ages 10 and up. (3-4 hours) $180.00

Amigos del Mar Dive Certification Course - Scuba Diving Refresher Course

Refresher Course

Starting at USD$150



The hands-on components start with an interview to determine your background and date of your last dive. Your instructor will also cover any new material you should now about. The evaluation of your skills start with the setting up of the scuba equipment. The instructor watches you setting up the equipment. While diving the instructor observes the different aspects of the dive including the pre-dive safety checks, method of entry, buoyancy control, and your general dive skills.

Amigos del Mar Dive Certification Course - Open Water Scuba Diving Certification

Open Water Certification

Starting at USD$500



With personalized training your instructor will make sure you are truly comfortable under water with the skills and equipment you will use. The course consists of three parts: Academics, Confined Water and Open Water Sessions.

You will complete at least 4 open water dives and have the chance to experience everything you learned. After successful completion of your open water training dives you will become a Certified Diver.

Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide. 2 Days $500.

Amigos del Mar Dive Certification Course - Introduction to Scuba Diving

Open Water Referral (4 dives)

Starting at USD$375



This is a quick and easy way to earn your dive certification while on vacation. The Open Water referral course lets you complete the entire pool and required academics sessions in your hometown, then finish the open water dives on your vacation. Have your local dive shop prepare your referral paperwork so you can walk right in to Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop and you are good to go. We look forward to completing the final leg of your certification process on your holiday adventure.
Includes: Certification Open Water Dives & Gear $405.

Amigos del Mar Dive Certification Course - Introduction to Scuba Diving

Advance Open Water

Starting at USD$450



Advanced Open water is recommended and what a great place to complete the course diving the Belize Barrier Reef.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Open Water Diver.
(Junior) Open Water Divers who are at least 12 years old are ready to step up.

The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills. You try out different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of your Instructor. Includes 5 Dives $450.

Amigos del Mar Dive Certification Course - Introduction to Scuba Diving

Nitrox Certification

Starting at USD$160



Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. If staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner sounds appealing, then don't hesitate to become an enriched air diver. (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 12 years old, you can enroll in the Enriched Air Diver Specialty course $160.

Rescue Course

Starting at USD$300

Specialty Courses

Starting at USD$260


Park Fees are to be paid in cash and are as follow;

  • Blue Hole $40USD,
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve $10USD and
  • Mexico Rocks $10USD


All Rates are in USD and 12.5% Government Sales Tax (GST). Park fees and equipment are additional.

Divers and Snorkelers Tour Cancellation Policy

Divers/Snorkelers are required to cancel before 3PM the day prior to their tour date to avoid any charges.
Cancelation after 3pm will result in FULL CHARGES.

Package Cancellation Policy

Packages must be canceled 3 days prior to the tour.
Failure to cancel 3 days prior will result in a 50% charge.


North Pick Up –

  • Solaria,
  • Las Terrazas,
  • Blue Dolphin,
  • Seascape,
  • Belizean Shores,
  • Captain Morgan's,
  • Cocotal Inn,
  • White Sands Cove,
  • Ocean Air,
  • Grad Caribe,
  • Akbol,
  • Cloisters,
  • Bermuda Landings,
  • Twisted Palms,
  • Tres Cocos,
  • Mara Laguna (Dive Bar),
  • PUR,
  • (Tiki Maya House dock),
  • (Park Place,
  • Caye Casa,
  • Hotel Del Rio,
  • Oasis,
  • Seven Seas,
  • Aqua Vista and Casa en La Playa pick up at Island Diver's dock),
  • and Ocean Tide Beach Resort.

South Pick up-

  • Holiday Hotel,
  • Sun breeze Hotel,
  • Belizean Reef,
  • The Palms Ocean Front,
  • Ramon's Village,
  • Changes In Latitude,
  • (Pedro's Inn,
  • Belize Yacht Club pick up at Belize Diving Adventures Dock),
  • Grand Baymen pick up at Exotic Caye,
  • Corona Del Mar,
  • Coral Bay Villas,
  • Caribbean Villas,
  • Xanadu,
  • Banyan Bay,
  • Grand Colony,
  • Banana Beach,
  • Mata Rocks,
  • Victoria House,
  • Pick up for Mahogany Bay is done at Royal Caribbean dock.

The above is all our complimentary pick up for our local activities. For our offshore ( Blue Hole and Turneffe ) we pick up further North and South.



Local Reef Diving:

Must have a Junior Open Water Certification or a higher level certification
Must have done a dive within the last year
Divers without logged dives of over 2 years require a mandatory refresher course

Blue Hole Trip:

Must meet requirements stated above
All snorkelers and certified divers are welcome
*Junior Open Water Divers (please see below)

Junior Open Water Divers:

Will be able to snorkel Blue Hole and dive the 2 other sites at Lighthouse Reef
If parents' consent to the Blue Hole, they will be able to go to a maximum depth of approximately 50 feet with a Private Dive Master (separate fee)

Open Water Divers:

Must have proof of logged dives within 6 months

Advanced Open Water Divers & Higher Level Certifications:

Must have proof of logged dives within a year